'American Outline'

This is a freelance American outline locomotive built back in the 90s - it's the battery electric workhorse of the TSGR providing power to pull up to 10 adults on every train, lasting the whole afternoon without the need to be recharged. The 'American' has been tweaked electronically to only allow a maximum speed of 6 Mph (the max. speed limit of the TSGR) and is controlled by a dead man's handle style throttle on the control board in the cab. It has an independent brake system which is powered by an air compressor - the air horn also works off the compressed air. It did at one time have a sound system built in, however it was later removed.

The 'American' has recently been repainted and now has a Santa Fe livery rather than club livery. Now that the Class 67 has come into service, it has been planned to install a petrol generator into the 'American'.

'Class 67'

The 'Class 67' is a petrol-electric locomotive which comprises of a petrol engine with an alternator connected to two heavy-duty, sealed lead acid batteries. The combined power is then used to power the two 1 horsepower motors that drive the locomotive. This locomotive is fairly new and was intended to replace the older 'American Outline' locomotive as the new workhorse of the TSGR, allowing the club to carryout major overhaul works on the 'American Outline'.

Note: The locomotive is currently awaiting a paint job.


The 'Project' is a small 0-4-0 battery-electric locomotive used mainly on standby to haul extra trains when the TSGR is busy or if another locomotive needs refuelling/recharging. It comprises of a 1 horsepower motor powered by two heavy-duty, sealed lead acid batteries.

'RAPC Planet'

'Planet' is a petrol-hydraulic 0-4-0 locomotive which can provide about 1 horsepower of traction. It comprises of a petrol engine connected to a hydraulic pump that uses hydraulic fluid to make the wheels spin. This system is quite effective as it minimises the amount of electronic components and circuitry; 'Planet' is a very reliable locomotive due to this.

'Linda' 0-4-0

'Linda' is the most reliable locomotive of the TSGR steam fleet and is considered the steam workhorse of the railway. It is based on the two-foot gauged 'Linda' built for Penhryn Quarries Ltd. by Hunslet Engine Company.

'Preston' 0-6-0
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